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Audition Information

“Thank you for a very inspiring rehearsal. I like when I leave rehearsals with a feeling of having learned something new.” — Sara Sjöberg, soprano


Our philosophy is that quality musicians make for informed, enthusiastic collaborators. Knowledge of one’s instrument or voice, general music background, and an ability to communicate effectively about the music are critical to successful collaboration between singers and instrumentalists. To that end, all performing members are initially auditioned to join. The music director will extend to successful applicants either a 1-, 2-, or 3-year acceptance term with Calliope; at the end of a member’s term, he or she may re-audition.

Sight-reading is an important but often intimidating element of each audition. This evaluation is not used for admittance to the organization, but as a measure of the current skill set of the membership for effective planning.

Audition Schedule

Interested musicians may schedule auditions by appointment by contacting us.

Audition Requirements

Auditions consist of one short prepared piece that the musician enjoys performing (less than five minutes), sight-reading, and conversation about music background.

To schedule an audition, click here.