“Thank you for a very inspiring rehearsal. I like when I leave rehearsals with a feeling of having learned something new.” — Sara, soprano


Our philosophy is that quality musicians make for informed, enthusiastic collaborators. Knowledge of one’s instrument or voice, general music background, and an ability to communicate effectively about the music are critical to successful collaboration between singers and instrumentalists. To that end, all performing members are initially auditioned to join.

Audition Schedule

Calliope holds auditions on a quasi-rolling basis, with applications accepted at any time, and open positions auditioned for in the weeks surrounding the beginning of a new rehearsal cycle. Interested performers are always welcome to submit their information for consideration.

For our upcoming concert (October 21, 2023) we expect to hold auditions for all new and current members in July 2023.  We will post the audition date and venue information soon.

Please also feel free to submit the audition form.


Audition Process

Any interested performer should submit out the form below and our Music Director will be in touch to schedule an audition. If an audition falls during a rehearsal cycle, it will be scheduled before or after an evening’s rehearsal, and the auditionee is welcome to participate in that rehearsal. Rehearsals are Tuesdays 7-9:30pm at Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury St Boston.*

*Rehearsal venue and time may change in the 2023-2024 season.

YES! I am interested in auditioning for Calliope. This page will be emailed to the appropriate person who will contact you shortly.


Instrument/Voice Part:





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Music Experience (solo, ensemble, likes, dislikes, languages, other instruments):

Calliope offers two mentoring scholarships for one singer and one instrumentalist each year from the Boston Public School system (high school students). These students are expected to participate in the collaborative effort of the organization throughout the season. They will be provided with one or several mentors during their tenure with Calliope. Are you willing to mentor a young person? Do you have specific expertise you would like to share in this regard?

Please indicate any additional areas in which you would be willing to volunteer:

Audience development
Concert CD production
Concert site and staging logistics (setting up, breaking down)
Concert staffing (ushers, etc.)
Database management
Liaison with Boston Public Schools
Liaison with rehearsal venue/performance venue personnel
Mailings/other distribution
Marketing/promotion (newspaper, radio, community, etc.)
Producing printed concert programs
Recruiting new members
Selling concert program advertising
Ticket sales
Website maintenance
Other (please list):

Please review your information carefully before sending!