“It was a lot of fun to be learning from someone who was also playing right next to me.”
—Patrick, viola (mentoring scholarship recipient)


Each season, Calliope strives to find two deserving high school students, one each in the disciplines of vocal and instrumental musical performance, to join the ranks of the group, perform alongside Calliope’s members, and learn valuable insights into the art, preparation, and presentation of music.


Calliope recognizes that healthy longevity of the arts will be determined by the performers and supporters of the future. Cultivation and opportunity to work with those future artists is critical.

The Mentorship Program is designed to benefit not only the students, who emerge with a richer appreciation of music and performance, but also the ensemble, which considers the perspective of younger performers an important aspect of musical collaboration.


Nomination forms will be accepted throughout the year, and a decision will be made each Spring. There is a preference for incoming high school seniors to be nominated (juniors during the application year), although younger students will be considered in extraordinary circumstances. Students selected for the Mentorship program will be notified in the Spring by the Music Director and their Mentors, and a determination will be made whether the student will perform with Calliope for one or more of the next season’s concerts.

Students will be paired with two mentors, one from their area of discipline (vocal/instrumental) and one from the other, and the student with learn from both throughout the rehearsal and concert process. This unique learning opportunity will give the students invaluable experience and knowledge for their future as performing musicians, arts administrators, or supporters of the arts.


Students can be nominated for consideration in the Mentorship Program by a teacher, conductor, family member, or anyone who knows their abilities and character well and believes they will benefit from this experience. A link to the nomination form can be found here. Nomination forms are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year; notification of receipt will be given when the form is processed, and a final notification with the winning students will be issued to all applicants in the Spring.