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Calliope Music Director Search

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About Calliope

Calliope was founded in 2006 with a uniquely innovative collaborative approach to choral/orchestral music-making. Its membership includes both chorus and orchestra that rehearse together consistently every week. As a collaborative ensemble, the Music Director is responsible for leading rehearsals and facilitating collaboration between singers and instrumentalists during each session. Additionally, all members are encouraged to contribute programming input and are eligible to audition for solos.

Collaboration also extends into the community. Every February Calliope’s performance benefits a small, local non-profit selected by the Board of Directors; the music repertoire for this concert reflects the mission of the beneficiary.

Collaboration also includes mentoring young musicians through our scholarship program, whereby two or three high school students (singers and instrumentalists) are given the opportunity to rehearse and perform with Calliope, providing unique instruction via dedicated mentoring adult members and a sophisticated concert experience for passionate young musicians.

Job Description

The Music Director is responsible for programming, leading rehearsals, and performances [see "Responsibilities" below], and publicly representing the organization as required. The Music Director is an ex officio member of the board and as such attends monthly Board meetings to participate in and to present a report on concert preparation and performance.


The primary responsibilities of the Music Director are as follows:

  • Programming: The Music Director creates programs for each concert, taking member input into consideration, with substantial discretion in selecting music, with a full program presented to the Board six months or more in advance of each concert cycle. The music director will work collaboratively to assist with the young musician mentorship program.

  • Ensemble Membership/Participants: The Music Director oversees auditions before each concert and rehearsal cycle and makes final decisions on ensemble participants. While Calliope is a volunteer ensemble, when needed, the Music Director is responsible for hiring paid musicians on an ad hoc basis to satisfy program requirements (within budgetary limitations and subject to approval by the Board).

  • Rehearsals: The Music Director is responsible for planning and conducting rehearsals in preparation for each concert, as well as concert performances. The Director communicates the rehearsal schedule to the musicians at the beginning of each cycle and provides rehearsal notes and changes. If the Music Director is unable to lead any rehearsal, he or she is responsible for securing a substitute capable of maintaining the collaborative element.

  • Rehearsal/Concert Space: The Board, including participation by the Music Director, oversees and approves the securing of rehearsal and concert space.

  • Music: The Music Director is responsible for selecting and overseeing the acquisition of all music. The Music Director also ensures proper performance rights are secured and information submitted to ASCAP as required. If a Librarian has been appointed by the organization, the Music Director coordinates with the Librarian and delegates tasks as agreed between them.

  • Managing Approved Budget: The Music Director is responsible for proposing to the Board a budget for music and hired musicians and managing costs accordingly when the budget has been approved.


Applicant must hold a degree in music and demonstrate experience leading choral and orchestral ensembles in rehearsal and concert.
Note: Legal ability to work in the United States is required; Calliope cannot sponsor visas at this time.

How to Apply

Click here for application information. Please send additional inquiries to